Medicinal Plants Remedies Research Curator Intern Work Study Educational opening:

Keeping the knowledge flowing from one herbalist to the next.

Do you have a strong interest in herbs and some background in herbs or science?

Would you like to learn plants/herbs down to their very core DNA and chemistry and how they act on human physiology?

Could you use the mentoring advice, guidance, and piece of the brain of an expert in herbal medicine, precautions, and biochemical mechanisms?

Why do herbs work? How do herbs work?

THIS IS DIFFERENT - not a store, not a clinic, not a garden. This is a data rich environment where you can learn how to find information, and the underlying biochemical mechanisms of herbs. You'll be on a computer or with camera on wild plant walks more than on a hoe or scale.

Laughter is the best medicine. And the other six are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, diet. Then herbs.

Drop me a note about the project idea you have. A list of courses you have completed in science, data, herbs will help. And a what is your long term goal-vision? (brief is OK to get started).


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