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    A solid and broad background in pharmacology, informatics, and project management has sustained my superior work with Medline at the National Library of Medicine (NIH), HerbMed and University of Arizona.  I am a creative, resourceful problem solver who has brought projects from just a vision to final completion. I am a deep thinker with the stamina to overcome challenges, and I enjoy being a team player. 'Handle paper once' and a keen sense of prioritization and organization permit me to meet work requirements in a timely and efficient fashion. In addition to my ample experience, I have good oral and written presentation skills and tactful listening and negotiating ability.

    My philosophy of just-in-time knowledge is reflected in several database projects and systems in which I have participated. Information at the fingertips with intuitive acces and clarity and with minimal cluttering is what I aspire to.

    As one of the science advisors for Botanical Safety Handbook I carefully evaluated the safety of hundred of commercial herbs.

    As a member of the MeSH group for organizing Medline, at National Library of Medicine (NLM-NIH), my overhaul of the indexing vocabulary for chemistry and pharmacology merited bonuses and quality step increases every year I have been here. Additionally, a couple of the projects I handled garnered mention in the NLM annual report for 2002 and 2003. The training presentation that I developed, about MeSH updates and how to use our system for better PubMed searches, has been well received at national meetings of the ACS.

    A fine earlier example of how I brought together science, informatics and web publishing is my conceptualization and development of the HerbMed web site ( during the late 1990's. Starting from scratch, I developed the database system and implemented the output pathway and wrote the summaries themselves for over ten thousand links into Medline about botanical medicines. I am a master at literature search with attention to detail and excellent vocabulary of search terms for locating existing data in databases.

    Before HerbMed, other projects that I conceptualized and managed from vision to finished product included the 200 page book of "Dental Self Help" and the 60 page book of "NYU Faculty Evaluation". The former required a few years of research and then marketing and teaching. The latter involved recruitment of hundreds of volunteers and then automated processing of 15,000 completed surveys. The successful completion of both of these projects demonstrate my good organization and managerial skills.

    My scientific work explored molecular structure and chemical interactions using modeling and informatics tools including: QSAR, dynamics, sequence analysis, homology, database searching, etc. I identified an error in a widely held model of how topoisomerase cuts DNA, provided the first model of the human enzyme active site, and differentiated inhibitor subtypes with mutant mapping.

    I am a U.S. citizen and qualified for veteran's preference.   I look forward to discussing opportunities with you soon.

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Soaring Bear

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Soaring Bear

Career Summary

- A decade of medical informatics and database experience including development of the acclaimed HerbMed web site ( which has over ten thousand links into Medline, and overhaul of the MeSH vocabulary of Medline for the chemistry and alternative medicine sections.
- Effective project management, from vision to product: dental and faculty evaluation books, herbmed website, political campaigns.
- A broad scientific & technical background - from pharmacology to proteomics and from electronics to computer modeling. Master of literature search with three decades investigation of herbal medicine. Pharmaceutical and proteomics investigation for cancer drug discovery including QSAR, homology and molecular modeling of inhibitors of the topoisomerase-DNA complex.
- Ph.D. 1998, Pharmaceutical Science; B.S. 1992, Biochemistry with honors (Magna Cum Laude, 3.8/4, Phi Beta Kappa) while supporting myself with lab jobs.
- 5 years experience on the board of directors of community organizations, including one in which I played a key role in recovery from a million dollar bankruptcy.
- Finance and management experience.


PhD, 1998, Pharmaceutical Science, Univ. of Arizona. "Modeling Topoisomerase-DNA Interactions and Design of Trapping Inhibitors Used for Cancer."
BS, 1992, Biochemistry Magna Cum Laude, 3.8/4; Phi Beta Kappa; UAz.
Also: 3yrs NYU Finance; 1yr US Navy Electronics Technician school.


2006-13 Botanical Safety Handbook scientific advisor

2007-present: retired from US government and continuing to study herbal medicine.

2000-2007: National Library of Medicine (NIH), Information Specialist keeping the MeSH controlled vocabulary of Medline up-to-date in the areas of alternative medicines, chemistry and biochemistry. I added new terms for thousands of plants, which brought mention in the NLM annual report for 2002. My revamping of the data structure of pharmacological effects to a more relational format was referred to in the 2003 NLM annual report. This fine work has merited raises and bonuses each year I have been employed at NLM.

1998-2000: Alternative Medicine Foundation (Jackie Wootton), Conceptualization, development and management of the HerbMed project from blank paper to a nationally recognized Internet resource on the science of medicinal plants at   Starting from scratch, I developed the database system and implemented the output pathway and wrote the summaries themselves for over ten thousand links into Medline.

1990-98: Dr. William Remers,
"Modeling Topoisomerase-DNA Interactions and Design of Trapping Inhibitors Used for Cancer" using sequence & structure analysis, dynamics, homology & QSAR: -identified error in widely held view of how this enzyme cuts DNA; -first description of human enzyme active site from homology model; -mutant mapping to the three dimensional structure; -molecular modeling for medicinal chemistry drug design with structural biology using: MSI's Insight, Homology, QSAR, Ludi; Tripos' Sybyl, CoMFA; UCSF-AMBER, Mopac, Tsar, Daylight, Sequence Analysis, SMILES.

1998 summer: Dr Kenneth Merz, Gaussian exploration of cobalt for study of Vitamin B12 containing enzymes.

1997 summer: Dr Yvonne C. Martin,
Compared the predictability of CoMFA QSAR method with forcefield dynamics methods for ligand binding to 5 enzymes which exposed the need for better hydrogen bonding parameters in molecular modeling software.

1988-89: Dr. Victor Hruby, Chiral peptide synthesis intended for the study of glucagon and blood sugar regulation; including preparation by Wittig, reaction under Argon, recrystallizaiton.

1989-90: Dr. John Law, Created step-by-step proceedure guide for a computer interfaced HPLC-DAD. Developed gradient for purification of peptide hormone. Carried out entomylogical assay of adipokinetic hormone on Manduca (tobacco hornworm) for the study of lipid metabolism.

1987-88: Dr. Charles Weber. Performed analytical chemistry of protein, minerals and fat content in plant materials.

1987-89: Dr. Ronald R. Watson, Medline & literature review of nutritive factors on immune function and cancer.

1978-87: Research, publication & promotion of my 200 page book "Dental Self Help," selling thousands of copies.
1972-present: Continuing database of medicinal plants.
1973: Supervised a dozen staff as assistant manager of a six-floor-600-car parking structure.
1970-71: Co-chair of NYU faculty evaluation group: designed survey, promoted distribution & arranged for retrieval of 15,000 completed forms, computational evaluation, publication of the sixty page book of results for sale to students.
1970: Internal audit of the $10 million NYU student loan program.
1968-71: NYU Finance undergraduate which set the basis of my understanding economic and business trends.
1969: Bank teller in a busy branch of Manufacturer's Hanover Trust.
1965-68: Navy Electronics Technician (radar repair).

Leadership: Elected to community food coop board and helped lead it through a difficult million dollar bankruptcy. Elected representative to NYU senate 1970. Tucson Free Clinic board 1981. Yuba County Health Council 1985. Selective Service advisory board 1969.

Teaching: Advanced training in improved information search techniques. Seminars on my research progress 1992-8. Tutoring 1993. Scores of dental classes that reached thousands of people 1980-87.

Other: extensive travel throughout Latin America (22 months of the past 30 years). Wildflower photography. Work on several political and petition campaigns.


* "A new class of antitumor agent: 2-substituted-1,2-dihydro-3H- dibenz [de,h] isoquinoline- 1,3-diones." Remers WA, Dorr RT, Sami SM, Alberts DS, Bear S, Mayr CA, Solyom AM. Current Topics in Med Chem 2:45-61 1997.
* "Homology structure analysis of topoisomerase 2 reveals Gln->His evolution at the active site." Bear S. MGMS web conference & ACS meeting fall 1996.
* "Computer simulation of the binding of amonafide and azonafide to DNA." Bear S & Remers WA. J Comp Aided Molec Design 10:165-75 1997, & ACS meeting spring 1997.
* "Molecular Modeling of DNA-Drug Complexes as a Tool in the Design of Antitumor Agents." Remers, WA, Bear S, Hill GC & Rao SN. Part 1 of Computational Medicine, Public Health and Biotechnology pt 1, ed by M Witten World Scientific, 1995.
* "Synthetic Antibacterial Agents." Remers WA & Bear S Chapt 51 of Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, 5th edit, vol 1, John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1996.
* "Asymmetric Synthesis of Unusual Amino Acids: An Efficient Synthesis of Optically Pure Isomers of B-Methylphenylalanine." Dharanipragada, VanHulle, Bannister, Bear, Kennedy & Hruby. Tetrahedron 48(23): 4733-48 1992.
"Dental Self Help." Bear S. 1980. 200 page book of prevention and remedies.
Course papers which have broadened my perspective include: Naringenin inhibition of P450, Calmodulin structure, Silymarin protection of the liver, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography & Extraction, Immune Complement, and Rifampicin.


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