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SOARING BEAR Ph.D. Pharmacology

Many trees enter. 
Fresh analysis ensues.
New insights emerge.
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Imagine walking a pleasant nature path and coming upon a pretty plant that you don't know. So what is it? How would you find out? Is it edible or poisonous? Alternatively, you have a condition and want to know what herbs in the area might be useful.

Now imagine whipping out your smartphone or laptop ap to enter the visible characteristics that you can see (in pictures & plain language) and up pops some of the possibilities that you can narrow down. Wouldn't that be great!?

Can you contribute your botanical or database expertise to help bring this into reality for people to become more familiar with nature?
Seeking SQL expert and herb intern.

Information Explosion is happening! Who cannot be excited about it? All the data flooding in about herbal properties has the potential for establishing many new insights and discoveries about the world around us! Ironically this explosion leads to narrowing of our primary expertise niche so we need fast ways to put our fingers onto information. Splitting and convergence of new concepts make searching for data more challenging - find TIPS to better Pubmed Search STRATEGIES for difficult searches.

It is easy to get buried in the data unless we keep our heads up with perspective of how new bits of information affect out future. We need the range of diving deep into data and understanding its integrity and then soaring high to see where that data can take us. Advantage and success will be to those who have the facts at the fingertips and vision of good direction. I am pleased to help you manage that data and show you how to find the needles in the haystack and separate the wheat from the chaff in developing the ideas you have.

Soaring Bear began collecting data about herbs during the early 1970's (with a focus on toxicology). A segment of it was the basis of "Dental Self Help" (1980). After earning his B.S. in Biochemistry with honors (Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude) Bear studied molecular modeling of topoisomerase interactions with DNA at University of Arizona, leading to a Ph.D in 1998. His research on quantitative structure activity relationships (QSAR) and chemical interactions provides a unique perspective on how herbs work. He created HerbMed.org and edited (until 2000) over ten thousand quick summaries and links into Medline for 150 plants. His work at the National Library of Medicine in the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) section at completely revamping the herbs, Alt Med and chemistry parts of Mesh, benefiting millions of searches done every day on Medline/Pubmed ! Now seeking SQL db design assistance.

Few others have the depth of biochemical education plus personal experience that Soaring Bear has with herbal medicine. Dr. Bear has a unique perspective in respecting the potency of herbs as well as understanding the chemistry and toxicology, a combination which is so important in understanding adverse effects and herb-drug interactions. Hunting for herbal and medical information? If it's there I'll find it!
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Presentations include:
** PhD dissertation: "Modeling Topoisomerase-DNA Interactions and Design of Trapping Inhibitors Used for Cancer"
** Changing face of Medline ACS2005
** 3 keys to better medline searches about herbal medicine 2004 - ACS2005abst - ACS2005presentation -
** dental self help
** a vision of synergy - web depository of herbal information with a unified interface
** ancient science & chemistry
** know your steroids (and triterpenes)
** variability in herb effectiveness

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